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T25-sidebarGetting motivated to do workout everyday is challenging enough. Only by following this extreme accurate review of the t25 calendar you can understand the essence of going to gym and getting fit through exercises for your mind and also your body.


In order to stay on track with your workout goals learn how to stay mentally focused on growing your body and get to know that by ordering the ultimate Focus T25 Workout Calendar you will understand the true gist of training your body and that between the results of the workout and the time spent performing them is not necessarily a direct relationship.

 T25 calendar detailed explanation

The Focus T25 Workout must be followed for 3 months so as to obtain the desired results. You will actually see that there are no side effects, no overstrain and your well being will be significantly improved as your body will pass through the magic transformation that our program is proposing.

In the first 5 weeks the workout schedule propose a combination of Focus T25 Cardio, Focus T25 Speed, Focus T25 Abs and Focus T25 Total Body Circuit from Monday to Friday in each week, and during the weekend an rest and stretch program to refill your energy level and to refresh yourself. The five workout programs focus on different body parts so that in a week you will train your whole corpus. Just remember that before beginning challenging yourself with the t25 calendar you should record your body measurements so that at the end of the program to be able to see the astonishing results occurred upon you.Get It Done


The second month consists in adding besides the main parts of the package the Focus T25 Dynamic Core and the Focus T25 Rip’T Circuit which are harder than the previous ones, but don’t need to panic, your body should be able to accommodate with the change. The best part is that one program is only 25 minutes long, which will bring you up to a new level of mental and body evolution.

In the last month, there are just two new programs included: Focus T25 Extreme Circuit and Focus T25 The Pyramid. These programs help you reach the fitness level you desire at the final stage of your workout, and help you maintain a daily routine for getting your body in shape.

The 3 designs of the t25 calendar

Following the first ever workout programs, Focus T25 Workout Schedule is also divided in multiple parts, specifically 3, in order to fulfill the needs for every type of workout users: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The product manufactured by BeachBody is divided into 3 main parts, each of them sequentially following each other in order to offer the optimized results at the end of the program.


The first part designed for the first-time users is called “Alpha Program”, and consists in one month working the most important muscles of your body. For persons that have seen the incredible results of the t25 calendar it has been created the “Beta Calendar” that improves the effects of the first stage of practicing and pushes your boundaries just at the edge of the supportability. Finally, the ultimate workout program created is called “Gamma Workout” and is designated only for those who want to make from going to gym and practicing fitness a way of life, and for those who want to achieve extremely good results of the base program.

Reviews of t25 calendar workout

Being easy to understand makes T25 to be one of the most popular workouts that bodybuilders and training coaches pick out. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program a test group of 6 women has used the Focus T25 Workout for 21 days and the results were remarkable. They lost 48.5 inches!

Compared to other workout programs like Insanity or Asylum, the t25 calendar workouts are very short, 25 minutes long, but despite of that, I guarantee you that your body will be screaming from minute 5. The part that most clients appreciate at the workout session is that it is designed in such a way to focus on increasing your heart rate at the limit of supportability and it offers you the opportunity to take control on your body transformation.

Why is “T25 ” so effective?

The name of the workout program has its origin in the desire of its creator, Shaun Taylor, to combine the most powerful exercises in the name of the resulted product. The success of this program relays on the facts that one workout session is only 25 minutes long and within it your muscles will begin to burn fat as fast as possible.


Many studies have been made concerning the short intense workouts vs. longer relax workouts matter, and it has been seen that if you are looking to get fit, and burn fat in a short period of time, the program you should follow needs to be made of short sessions of intense workouts, but if you are seriously into endurance sports like marathons or cycling, the program you should follow in order to obtain the desired results must be composed of longer workout sessions, somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

Get fit now with t25 calendar

Now that you understand the benefits of following the Focus T25 Workout Program you just need to choose which package from BeachBody fits your needs. “The Basic” one is the cheapest and is designated for persons who wants to lose weight in a short period of time, “The Deluxe” package comes with their mid-range products, which include the Alpha and Beta workout calendars and “The Challenger” is the most expensive one, all inclusive and provides you everything you need to know about extending your body boundaries at the edge of the evolution.

Pick the package that best suits both your needs and your budget right now!

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